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The Bespoke Bear

Bringing your vision to life - The Brogan Bear way.

Providing you with the most beautiful hand-crafted, intricately detailed bespoke Teddy Bear, a Teddy Bear made especially for you to keep for a life-time. Whether it be a gift for yourself or a loved one, Brogan will take you on a journey to find exactly what you are looking for; whether it's adding personalisation to a fabric we have in house or your own pre-loved materials. Please follow the guide below.


Fully Bespoke

Adding personalisation to our in-house Brogan Bear materials. The personalisation will include a fully hand-embroidered name, phrase or date and selection of the colour ribbon you want wrapped around your bear's neck. 

All fully jointed and CE marked to follow the Toy Safety Regulations 2011

A fully bespoke service. Making a Brogan Bear fully to your specification by using your own inherited fabric or pre-loved shirts and dresses. Brogan invites you to send your materials to our tailoring house where she will make your bear with the utmost care and attention, derived from her Savile Row tailoring experience.

All fully jointed. This is NOT a toy, and is sold as a decorative item. This is not consistent with Toy Safety Regulations 2011.

Cost: £90

Cost: £105


1.   Once you have requested Personalisation through clicking 'Get Started' above we will email you with the Brogan Bear fabric, ribbon and embroidery bunch. You then select your preferred fabrics with their numbers and email them back to me.


1.  Find your pre-loved material that you'd like a Brogan Bear made from.  

Please no stretch materials 

We need at least 3/4 of a metre of fabric.

2.   Brogan will begin to tailor your Brogan Bear together with the requested in house materials.


2.  Wrap it all up and send it to us here at the Brogan Bear Tailor's House.


3.   The requested characters will be hand-embroidered with precision and delicacy.


3.  We will email you the selection of ribbons and embroidery colours. Select the ribbon and embroidery colours for the personalisation on your bear. This will be sent to you via email.

4.  Within 10 days your Personalised Brogan Bear will be ready to leave the Brogan Bear Tailors House gift wrapped and sitting in a beautiful gift box.


4. Brogan will begin to tailor your Bespoke Brogan Bear together with all the requests you've made through email.


5.  Within 10 days your bespoke Brogan Bear bringing your memories to life, will be ready to send back to you gift wrapped and sitting in a beautiful gift box.

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