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The Story

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Brogan McGurk founded Brogan Bear in 2011, at the age of 15. 

What started as a gift to her God-daughter, Amelia, a Brogan Bear always featured a patchwork of fabrics, a moustache and plenty of accessories attached to its neck or embroidered on its belly. The Brogan Bear quickly turned into an iconic, timeless present which was gifted to more than 170 people.

Brogan Bear has been ever-evolving since 2011. Now it's 2020 and Brogan Bear is ready to spread its wings (alright bears don't have wings but you know what we mean) and bring you the best, most modern, luxury, hand-made teddy bears. In these difficult times, perhaps we all need a hug from a Brogan Bear.

Brogan Bear is a  Teddy Bear which reminds us of our history and lets us hold an object made in a way previous generations were familiar with, a quality that has been slowly fading and will continue to diminish with the speed of our world today. Let's all help remember the qualities our forefathers taught us and learn to modernise traditional methods. 


About Brogan

Brogan has been sewing and designing from the age of 7, and making clothes for customers at the age of 14. Brogan then went on to perfect her skills in London on the world-famous Savile Row where she worked, learning the exacting standards of a bespoke tailor, where she would help hand-make the finest suits for the most demanding (and often famous) customers.

Brogan now combines these classical techniques with her modern vision to create the new Brogan Bear.

Photographer: Alex Phelps 2012

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